Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Clinical Trial


We are now offering UVLRx as part of an FDA investigational trial studying the effectiveness on patients with chronic fatigue. Read about the research HERE.

Housed within our UVLrx Station is an optic engine which is delivered through the Patient Cable  and which integrates with the distal end of our patent-pending Dry Light Adapter (DLA) .  The DLA feeds an optical filament into a 20-gauge intravascular catheter  to provide direct treatment of the blood.  During the treatment, normal saline solution flows through the DLA via the saline entry connector  preventing light attenuation within the catheter.

In a typical UVLRx treatment three separate wavelengths are delivered to the patient.  Each wavelength activates a specific biochemical pathway, with their concurrent powerful and therapeutic effect being the  benefit of the UVLrx.  

Clinical trials:

Chronic Fatigue

Certificate of Training