Bioidentical Hormone Pellets

Hormone pellet therapy with bioidentical hormones in the Denver Boulder area
Bioidentical hormone pellets may be placed under the skin with a small incision. Some patients prefer pellets because they last for four to six months and there are no messy creams, gels or shots needed. Hormone pellet therapy is also the best way to maintain consistent hormone levels in your body. They dissolve very slowly over time releasing a consistent amount of hormone each day.

Hormone pellet therapy for women in the Boulder Denver area
Hormone therapy may improve mood, cognition, bone mass, appearance of the skin, reduce hair loss and improve sexual desire and function. Either estrogen alone, testosterone alone or estrogen with testosterone may be implanted under the skin. This provides a consistent release of hormone over many months. Progesterone is never put into a pellet because it has a large molecular structure and cannot be absorbed well as a pellet. Progesterone tablets may be given orally for those female patients who are using pellets and have a uterus.

Hormone pellet therapy for men in the Boulder Denver area
Only testosterone is used in men. Many pellets may be placed at once lasting for up to six months. This is a great long-term solution for men who find they must stay on bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy. We utilize blood tests to monitor patients and to help us determine what dosage to start with.

Who is a candidate for bioidentical hormone pellet implantation?
Pellet therapy is not for everyone. Many clinics who provide pellet therapy are doing it for financial reasons rather than what is best for the patient. The very best candidates for pellet hormone therapy are:

  • men who need long term testosterone therapy
  • women who do not have a uterus who want bio-identical hormone replacement therapy
  • men and women who do not have anterior pituitary function and need to replace all hormones

Many other people are candidates for pellet hormone replacement therapy and a comprehensive evaluation by our doctors can help you make this decision.

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