I am a woman of 75 and have been following up on my bone density very faithfully since my mother had a severe case which actually took her life.  Her spine collapsed at the age of 87 which put her in a nursing home and actually she never  recovered. The results of my bone scans in the past have indicated osteoporosis and osteopenia in hips, spine and neck. I was concerned about not getting any better reports. I had tried lots of the drugs that were out on the market like Fosamax but I had so many side effects that I had to find a more natural way to address the problem. My daughter had been going to see Dr. Kelly for some time and recommended having her check on any way I could improve my bone density. Luckily she recommended Strontium. Since 2009 I have been taking 3-4 capsules a day with very good results. My hips have become normal and my spine into osteopenia from osteoporosis. I have more work to do to get a better report on my neck and spine. So, with an exercise program I have been involved in since 2007 with a trainer, I plan to keep improving. 

Thanks to Dr. Kelly for all her assistance with my health thru the years.