​Glennis describes how Kelly Parcell helped her

I am Glennis, a patient of Dr. Kelly Parcell. I started seeing Dr. Kelly in November of 2009 because I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis by my Medical Doctor. I was not anxious to go on pharmaceuticals for my Osteoporosis. I went to Dr. Kelly looking for an alternative. I met with Dr. Kelly and we discussed different avenues to pursue. I am glad to report that my Dexa scan this year is very positive, I am getting better. This has been achieved by eating plans, supplements, and continuing to stay active. The meetings with Dr. Kelly were very individualized and I felt very good about being heard. Time well spent, from a patients point of view. No questions unanswered or  not discussed, and the personal support was of great value for me. I found for me, a blend of tradition medicine and naturopathic medicine was what has worked for me. Finding Dr. Kelly has been a major step in the right direction for healing my body. At the age, 63, I continue to be active, snow skiing, biking, hiking and enjoying the out doors. Life is Good! 

Thank you Dr. Kelly.