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Kim Friel


A shout out to NatureMed Clinic, Doctor Kelly Parcell and her amazing staff. For those of you in the know I have been suffering with Chronic Urticaria (hives) for over a year now. I spent my 20 year anniversary in Hawaii covered in itchy hives (thinking Chicken Pox has nothing on this...) Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays ruined because by the end of each day I was covered head to toe in hives.


I am a woman of 75 and have been following up on my bone density very faithfully since my mother had a severe case which actually took her life.  Her spine collapsed at the age of 87 which put her in a nursing home and actually she never  recovered. The results of my bone scans in the past have indicated osteoporosis and osteopenia in hips, spine and neck. I was concerned about not getting any better reports.


Sue describes how Kelly Parcell of NatureMed clinic in Boulder helped her

When we moved to Boulder, one of the first service providers I wanted to find was a great naturopath. I hit the jackpot with Dr. Kelly Parcell and her team! She is a keen listener, an excellent diagnostician, and a highly competent and compassionate provider.

​ Glennis

​Glennis describes how Kelly Parcell helped her

I am Glennis, a patient of Dr. Kelly Parcell. I started seeing Dr. Kelly in November of 2009 because I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis by my Medical Doctor. I was not anxious to go on pharmaceuticals for my Osteoporosis. I went to Dr. Kelly looking for an alternative. 

Susan Smith Boulder, CO

Dr. Parcell was a great inspiration to me. He listened to what my problems were and he did everything in his power to ensure I got the treatment I needed while being with me every step of the way. I can't believe I didn't know about him sooner.

Michael L. Boulder, CO

I originally came in to see Dr. Kelly Parcell for problems with cramping during training and racing.  I had tried everything.  She hooked me up to an electrolyte vitamin cocktail loaded with magnesium and since doing three of these I've had considerable improvement.  All the doctors in naturemed are athletes themselves and I highly recommend them to fellow athletes looking for doctors with a similar mindset.


CR Boulder, CO

Dr. Kelly uncovered hormone imbalances which other doctors had missed. I had low thyroid levels which contributed to my inability to get pregnant. I often felt that way other doctors I'd seen didn't take me seriously. Dr. Kelly helped me become pregnant and significantly improved my fatigue problem.

Jason Visnic, Denver, CO

Enter the DAN Doctor. DAN (Defeat Autism Now) Doctors should at least give you a shot at getting some straight answers and interventions that work. We found one in Boulder, an hour drive from here. His name is Steve Parcell, Nature Med is the name of his practice. Without a doubt the most helpful doctor so far, he suggested tests that led us to find out that Brody has severe food allergies.

Steve D. Boulder, CO

I've been tired for years and no one has been able to tell me why. Regular doctors told me I was fine. Dr. Steve found that I had sleep apnea, chronic viral infections and vitamin D deficiency. He also deterimned that I had mild anemia. I am 80% better now.

EB Boulder, CO

I was very impressed by the detailed workup Dr. Steve did. It was obvious he was on the forefront regarding blood testing. After being told for years and my cholesterol is too high a case was never made for why I should take medication. Through my meetings with Dr. Steve he made me aware of the fact that I had every six independent risk factors for heart attack andnow I am being treated aggressively. 


John B. Boulder, CO

I was referred to Dr. Steve Parcell and Nature Med because I just wasn't feeling like myself. I couldn't lose weight and felt tired all the time. I also had increasing depression for the last two years. My GP suggested an antidepressant but I didn't want to take it until I knew what was wrong. Doctor Parcell was the first one ever checked my hormones.

Ericka M. Denver, CO

Dr. Brunson was great. She patiently listened to my story and then consulted with one of the naturopathic doctors there to develop a comprehensiive plan for my fatigue, blood pressure and thyroid problems. The whole visit was 90 minutes! It was definately worth the money.

Kristen H. Boulder, CO

Kelly Parcell has been so great. I have never had better care anywhere. She discovered low iron and a thyroid problem after I had been to thhree other doctors complianing of fatigue. She also did my PAP and will nver go anywhere else now. Why are insurance doctors so dissapointing? I think NDs should be primary care doctors in Colorado!

Becky Westminster, CO

Dr. West was caring and helpful. She knew exactly what I could take while on chemotherapy and also what would negatively interact with my treatment. She ordered chemosensitivity tests which helped guide treatment that impressed my cancer doctor. She even got on the phone with my oncologist and worked with him to coordinate my care. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.