Cadmium May Cause Chronic Kidney Disease

By Stephen W. Parcell, ND

In this study they found that Environmental low level of Pb, Hg, Cd exposure in the general population was not strongly associated with CKD. However, Cd exposure was associated with CKD, especially in adults with hypertension or diabetes. This finding suggests that environmental low Cd exposure may be a contributor to the risk of CKD in adults with hypertension or diabetes.

Lower level of vitamin D are associated with death from all causes.

By Stephen W. Parcell, ND

According to a recent study on Japanese individuals lower serum 1,25(OH)2D levels are a potential risk factor for all-cause death, especially cardiovascular and respiratory infection death, in the general Japanese population, and that lower serum 1,25(OH)2D levels greatly increase the risk of respiratory infection death in subjects with kidney dysfunction. Other studies on different population all indicate the same thing.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) and testosterone: what is the evidence?

The below study found that not only did HCG work but that it worked better than testosteone injections becasue of a lower side effect profile.

STUDY: Aging Male. 2016;19(1):34-9. Epub 2015 Oct 21. Late-onset hypogonadism: the advantages of treatment with human chorionic gonadotropin rather than testosterone.

FDA Investigational Trial on UV Blood Irradiation Now Underway at NatureMed

We are participating in an clinical trial using this device.  Read more HERE.

To inquire about participation in the trial please call us.

Current Studies:

Acute Cold / Flu: Reduction in cold related symptoms and recovery support

Chronic Fatigue: Improvement in energy and focus

Chronic Lyme Disease: Improvement in mental focus and clarity

Epstein Barr Virus: Improvement in overall well-being

Mistletoe Injections (Helixor) for Cancer to be Studied at Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins has an interesting article about how cancer patients benefit from Mistletoe injections.

The National Cancer Institute has written a very balanced informational article on mistletoe. We do not sell it or import it. Patients but it and we help them understand the literature and guide them with using it. We are waiting to participate in a NIH clinical trial on this currently.


Heart Problems in Athletes

Stephen. W. Parcell, ND here. I specialize in cardiovascular medicine at NatureMed, Boulder, CO. My approach is comprehensive. I spends more time learning about patients so that a holistic, patient centered model can be implemented. I work closely with athletes in both the prevention and treatment of many conditions including cardiovascular. 

The Scientific Basis for Chelation Therapy


EDTA chelation therapy is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a treatment for lead and heavy metal poisoning. About one million people in the United States are treated with EDTA chelation therapy every year. Chelation therapy is a medical treatment that improves cellular function by removing toxic metals (such as lead and arsenic) and abnormally elevated tissue levels of nutritional minerals (such as cobalt and iron) EDTA is best administered intravenously (through a vein).

Hormones and Prostate Cancer

adrenal position

The hormonal hypothesis is one of the most important biologically plausible hypotheses in prostate cancer etiology. In addition to hormones, other possible causative factors include; dietary fat, calcium, dairy products and genetic polymorphisms.  The purpose of this paper is to provide a background for the understanding of how various hormones may be implicated in this disease. Because of the difficulty in measuring hormones within the prostate itself and the lack of data on how tissue levels of hormones correlate with serum levels much of what we know on the relationship between hormones and prostate cancer is speculative [1].  Epidemiological studies have used serum levels of androgens. Out of 12 prospective studies on the role of serum androgens in prostate cancer only one was able to show that men with higher serum levels of testosterone have a higher risk of prostate cancer [1].

Intravenous Iron helpful for Athletes

Iron for Athletes

Iron helps form hemoglobin, the part of the red blood cell that carries oxygen and thus plays an important role in the body’s delivery of oxygen to working muscles. A lack of iron in the body can reduce aerobic capacity and impair endurance performance. 

Studies of the nutritional status of athletes in various disciplines have shown females are at greater risk of iron deficiency. This reflects the situation in the general population, with menstruating women being the main risk group for iron deficiency.

Anti Aging Benefits of Exercise

Anti-Aging Benefits from Excersie

We have all heard it so many times, exercise is good for the heart, keeps you slim, and makes you feel good. But I find that people forget just how good exercise is at slowing down aging. Have you ever wondered if your intense exercise program was shortening your life? Could raising your metabolic rate over time lead to accelerated aging? According to the medical literature…apparently not. In fact most of the research indicates that sports such as XC skiing, bicycling and running extend life span.  There are over thirteen thousand papers in the medical literature on exercise therapy.

Do Men Go Through Menopause?

Menopause in Men

Andropause, somatopause, and other age related hormone changes in men.

By the time men are between the ages of 40 and 55, they can experience a phenomenon similar to menopause, called andropause.  Alternative names for Andropause have been suggested including the Male Menopause, Androgen Deficiency in Aging Male (ADAM) and Partial Androgen Deficiency in Aging Male (PADAM)[i].

Boulder residents on synthetic estrogen no more! Different Hormone Therapy Formulations May Pose Different Risks for Heart Attack and Stroke

Heart Attack risks from synthetic estrogen

Steve Parcell, ND

Study: Different Hormone Therapy Formulations May Pose Different Risks for Heart Attack and Stroke

We at NatureMed, especially Kelly Parcell, ND, in Boulder are known for doing quite a bit of natural hormone replacement. Here is a post from Cedars Sinai demonstating that what we have been saying for years is trure. Natural hormones are safer.