Wellness Medicine: Naturopathic Medicine

As Boulders natural medicine experts, we implement wellness medicine. Naturopathic doctors (ND) recognize that health is more than just the absence of disease. Our wellness services focus on the early detection and prevention of disease as well as optimizing your current state of health.
The whole point of wellness is that it targets disease processes before they start. Wellness has been part of the core principles of naturopathic medicine for over 100 years. Generally wellness patients have not been diagnosed with a disease but are interested in being more productive, having more energy and living a long, disease-free life.
A wellness visit is the perfect complement to conventional medical care. Our initial visit typically includes:
Physical exam 
Medical history
Extensive laboratory testing (blood work that may or may not be covered by insurance)
Nutrition review and advice
Supplement review and advice
Screening for cardiovascular disease, cancer risk, and other diseases
Body composition testing (fat percentage, BMI, cellular toxicity)
Problem-focused testing (food allergies, adrenal function, nutritional defiencies, neurotransmitter testing, etc)
This visit is $350 and may last up to 90 minutes.
We are an integrated (naturopathic/conventional) clinic. In addition to general family practice we have four centers of excellence:
Women's health
Sports medicine
Cardiovascular health/ men's health 
Integrative cancer support
To schedule an appointment call  303.884.7557.